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  • Male SMA Connector - SMA-M-RG174

Male SMA Connector
Model: SMA-M-RG174
SMA connectors can be installed in function generator devices. Function generators are usually items of test electronic equipments or softwares that are able to generate variety types of simple repetitive electrical waveforms over a wide range of frequencies. RF signal generators or simple audio oscillators focus on producing a good sine waves is a simplistic application of signal generators. However, in many cases other repetitive waveforms are needed, such as square waves, sawtooth and triangular waveforms shapes, and pulses. Addition of a DC offset is also another function that will be included. These waveforms can be either repetitive or single-shot, which requires an internal or external trigger source. Function generator ICs is also described for the integrated circuits which is utilized to generate waveforms. Although function generators contain both audio and RF frequencies, they are usually not suitable for applications that need low distortion or stable frequency signals. Some of the low end function generators may only operate up to frequencies of possibly around 100 kHz as the different shaped waveforms are normally only needed at lower frequencies. However many other more comprehensive function generators are able to operate at much higher frequencies, often up to 10 or 20 MHz When those conditions are required, other signal generators would be more adequate. Some kind of function generators could be phase-locked loop to an outer signal source which may be a frequency reference or another function generator. The general purpose of Function generators is to assist engineers in developing, testing and repairing of electronic equipment. For example, they may be used as a signal source to test amplifiers or to introduce an error signal into a control loop.

  • Orientation: Straight
  • Impedance(Ohms): 50
  • Gender: Male
  • Termination Type: Cable - Crimp
  • Body Finish: Gold
  • Body Material: Brass
  • Contact Finish: Gold
  • Contact Material: Brass
  • Insulator Material: Teflon
  • Cable Type: LMR-100, M17/119-RG174, RG-174, RG-188, RG-188A, RG-316

  • Light weight, compact and vibration proof design
  • Low cost commercial grade (Brass SMA) available in nickel or gold plating
  • Terminates to all standard flexible coaxial cables, low-loss (LMR) type cables and industry standard semi-rigid and conformable cables
  • Available in various base metal options, including stainless steel, brass and zinc diecast
  • Origin: Taiwan
  • Dimensions and designs can be customized
  • RoHS compliant

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    Male SMA Connector

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