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  • N Type RF Connector - N-F-BH-RG174

N Type RF Connector
Model: N-F-BH-RG174
One field use case of the Type N is the Vector Signal Transceiver. Software-defined RF test system architectures have become more and more popular over the past years. Every commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) automated RF test system today Almost applies application software to communicate via a bus interface to the instrument.  While RF applications gets more and more complicated and sophisticated, engineers are continuously challenged with the dilemma of improving functionality without gaining test times, and finally test cost. It’s also a challenge to design a product that “can do anything” while at the same time making it familiar enough so new users will feel comfortable with it. While improvements in test measurement algorithms, bus speeds, and CPU speeds have reduced test times, further improvements are necessary to address the continued increase in the complexity of RF test applications. To address the demand for speed and flexibility, COTS RF test instruments have increased their usage of field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs). At a high level, FPGAs are reprogrammable silicon chips that you could adjust to implement custom hardware functionality through software development environments. While FPGAs in RF instrumentation is a good first step forward, typically these FPGAs are closed with fixed personalities designed for specific purposes and allow for little customization. This is where user-programmable FPGAs have a powerful superiority over closed, fixed-personality FPGAs. With user-programmable FPGAs, you can design your RF instrument to the pin so that it is specifically targeted toward your application requirements. A vector signal transceiver (VST) is a new category of instrumentation that integrates a vector signal generator (VSG) and vector signal analyzer (VSA) with FPGA-based real-time signal computing and control. The world’s first VST from National Instruments also features a user-programmable FPGA, which allows you to implement custom algorithms directly into the hardware design of the instrument. This software-designed approach allows a VST to have the flexibility of a software-defined radio architecture with RF instrument class performance.

  • Orientation: Straight
  • Impedance(Ohms): 50
  • Gender: Female
  • Termination Type: Cable - Crimp
  • Body Finish: Nickel
  • Body Material: Brass
  • Contact Finish: Gold
  • Contact Material: Phosphor Bronze
  • Insulator Material: Teflon
  • Cable Type: LMR-100, M17/119-RG174, RG-174, RG-188, RG-188A, RG-316

  • Broad line of military, industrial and commercial grade products available
  • Frequency range DC to 11 GHz
  • Threaded coupling mechanism ideal for vibration resistance
  • Available in straight and right angle plugs and printed circuit board connectors
  • Application includes Antennas, Base stations, Instrumentation, Satellite systems, WLAN, Radar systems, Broadcast, Surge protection
  • Origin: Taiwan
  • Dimensions and designs can be customized
  • RoHS compliant

Options of our N connector family are expanding endlessly, so please write FADDY PRECISION INDUSTRY CO., LTD. about things you would like to customize.

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