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FADDY PRECISION INDUSTRY CO., LTD. in Taiwan, is a comprehensive foreign trade company manufacture RF SMA Connector. With excellent quality and fully competitive price, our products enjoy high reputation among our business partners and customers. For years, we have received well sale in markets.
  • RF SMA Connector - SMA-90-F-PCB

RF SMA Connector
Model: SMA-90-F-PCB
One commonly use case of SMA connector type is microwave power meter devices. A microwave power meter is device used to measure the electrical power at microwave frequencies ranges, typically in the range 100 MHz to 40 GHz. Often a microwave power meter will consist of a measuring front-end which includes the actual power sensing element, connected through a coax cable to the meter proper, which displays the data of power reading. The head may be regarded to as a power sensor or mount. Different power sensors can be utilized for various frequencies or power levels. The ways of operation in most power sensor and meter combinations was traditionally that the sensor would transform the microwave power into an analogue voltage which would be analyzed by the meter and converted into a power reading. Several modern power sensor heads include electronic components to generate a digital output and can be inserted via USB interface into a PC which acts as the power meter. Microwave power meters have a wide range of bandwidth and often they are not frequency-selective. A spectrum analyzer or measuring receiver is required to measure the power of a specific frequency component in the existence of other signals at different frequencies. There are a various of different technologies which have been used as the power sensing element such as thermal sensors, wideband Peak Power Meters, Pulse Power Meters and True RMS USB Power Sensors. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

  • Orientation: Right Angle
  • Impedance(Ohms): 50
  • Gender: Female
  • Termination Type: PCB - Through Hole
  • Body Finish: Gold
  • Body Material: Brass
  • Contact Finish: Gold
  • Contact Material: Beryllium Copper
  • Insulator Material: Teflon
  • Termination Style: Solder

  • Light weight, compact and vibration proof design
  • Low cost commercial grade (Brass SMA) available in nickel or gold plating
  • Terminates to all standard flexible coaxial cables, low-loss (LMR) type cables and industry standard semi-rigid and conformable cables
  • Available in various base metal options, including stainless steel, brass and zinc diecast
  • Origin: Taiwan
  • Dimensions and designs can be customized
  • RoHS compliant

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