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We manufacture, supply, and export, a rather broad range of Metal Crafts, including the SMB Connector in different shapes and sizes in Taiwan. Our company's products can also be customized to meet the requirements of our Indian and International customers and clients gratifyingly. We have expertise in the production of premium quality products that are perfectly in sync with the fashion trends.
  • SMB Connector - SMB-90-F-PCB

SMB Connector
Model: SMB-90-F-PCB
One increasing use case of SMB connector type is TPMS devices. A tire-pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is an electronic system designed to oversee the air pressure inside the pneumatic tires on different models of automobiles. TPMS inform real-time tire-pressure statistics to the driver either via a gauge, a pictograph display, or a simplistic low-pressure alert signal. TPMS can be categorized into two different types; direct (dTPMS), the use of a pressure sensor directly installed on the wheels or tires of a vehicle, and indirect (iTPMS), non-use physical pressure sensors but measuring air pressures by monitoring individual wheel rotational speeds and other signals available outside of the tire itself. TPMS are offered both at an factor level as well as an aftermarket solution. The goal of a TPMS is to get away of traffic accidents, poor fuel economy, and accumulated tire wear due to under-inflated tires through early acknowledgement of a hazardous status of the tires. The noteworthy advantages of TPMS are summarized as follows. The first one is safety, advance warning of tyre issues (including slow puncture detection) prevents costly accidents and injury. 2nd, performance, tyres provide the biggest and "easiest" performance gain. The right pressure and temperature on the warm up lap can give you a performance advantage to make up many places during the first lap. 3rd, Strategy. Data analysis can control tyre wear, allowing a change in driving style to maximize tyre life.

  • Orientation: Right Angle
  • Impedance(Ohms): 50
  • Gender: Female
  • Termination Type: PCB - Through Hole
  • Body Finish: Gold
  • Body Material: Brass
  • Contact Finish: Gold
  • Contact Material: Brass
  • Insulator Material: Teflon
  • Termination Style: Solder

  • Selective plating provides corrosion resistance finish as well as good solder-ability characteristics
  • Various plating options in nickel, gold, and tin lead
  • SMB PCB slide-on plug and jack allows board-to-board mounting with a low insertion force making this is ideal for mating a high number of connectors on a pair of PCB's
  • Snap-on coupling
  • Origin: Taiwan
  • Dimensions and designs can be customized
  • RoHS compliant

Range of our SMB connector category is developing unendingly, feel free to reach us for the custom design if you can't find one.
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    SMB Connector

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